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ZoomZeyko School of Collective Advancement

Regardless where you are in this life….or how far you have travelled within your energetic world…. no matter which tools you use... or what your deepest desires are, the ZoomZeyko School of Collective Advancement is for anyone wanting to further their skills in energy work and life skills, for either personal development for the healing of others, understanding the secrets that are not yet clear to you, or for individuals wanting to learn and grow skills and develop their divine purpose….. in the end you will become a member of a community that offers insight , guidance, intuitive development and a common belonging to a group of like minded peoples.

Join the ZoomZeyko Community from anywhere, and at any time: 

Monthly ZoomZeyko Sessions allowing you to do a dive deep into your own level of consciousness and learn how to advance your understanding - by either joining live and interacting with others or by downloading the session when quieting your mind at any time, anywhere. 

ZoomZeyko Session Discussions / Lectures :

- learn to connect with Source, by tapping into your inner self and going deep 'within' to heal yourself and others 

- learn how to create and potentize medicines to help yourself and others 

- learn how to prepare and protect the body before vaccine and understand how to decode the cells after receiving the jab ( including mRNA ) by not loosing the very essence of the objective. 

- learn how to connect with people and animals close and far away without their physical presence and know how to restore health, harmony and vitality 

- learn how to do geopathic stress assessments, geopathic mapping of the space / region, identify vortices and how to clear the space from harm.

- learn how to look into the sky and understand how astrological constellations will impact your life and your decisions

- learn how to transform yourself and grow into the person / practitioner you must become by understanding the life you are born to live.

- learn how to create wealth by integrating yourself into the Collective and find Opportunities by helping others

- learn how to benefit from the ZoomZeyko network, by acknowledging that you can't do things alone, by contributing to others wellbeing, by reducing your ego and by allowing yourself to ask for help, resulting  all of us to become free, heal and to collectively and Individually move forward.  

- learn how to find and connect to your Soul Connection, your core Values, your Inner Needs and how to fulfill your destiny while understanding the essence of why you are on this earth... in this lifetime. And Become the warrior of light!

Subscription Options:

Join the ZoomZoZeyko School of Collective Advancement for:

$595.95 per year (12 consecutive month, Best Value )

$179.95 per 3 month - auto renews

$79.95 each month - auto renews

* 'One on One' mentoring sessions are also available for special, complex, multi-faceted project/cases


It truly starts today at www.zozeyko.com