ZoZeyko - The User Guide
Each ZoZeyko is programmed by Divine, allowing room within for the individual custodians to sync their life's journey to further their missions and goals of what they are meant to do on this earth.

Prospective custodians of ZoZeyko are guided when making their selection of models. The ZoZeyko energy is different compared to other radionic /energy tools. While ZoZeyko’s are extremely strong, they can become overwhelming if one is not prepared or does not have clear understanding of the energies.

Divine has given clear direction that this is NOT a “Hey, play with one and see which one you like” but rather, each custodian has already been selected and the model has already been chosen for each person.

Custodians will intuitively know which version of models are right for them when they are introduced. If you do not feel drawn to one (or more), than quite simply it is not the right time for you, now.

The entire ZoZeyko family is AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, STRONG, UNEXPLORED and gives the operator endless OPPORTUNITY, FREE WILL, AMBITION, PEACE and a feeling of LOVE that is unimaginable and somewhat overwhelming. The ZoZeyko family will change the custodian’s perspective of how to proceed in life and how to better one's self and making your life mission much more clear. This is part of the Divine programming.

Becoming a custodian is a responsibility. You will be changed. Your work will be changed and your ability to improve the world will be greatly improved. Failure is not an option.