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Units have been shipped all around the World prior to and during the Pandemic.

MZeyko is a one-of-a-kind Personal Radionic Device, designed to connect to each user in a unique and customized way. 

MZeyko was created with the intention of being a handheld unit that facilitates the release of energetic distortions and non-beneficial substances that block one’s well being on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It can effectively be used on both humans and animals of all sizes. The MZeyko operates via a radionically programmed rod or “brain” that is inserted inside the chamber of the device. Once the MZeyko connects to the user via contact with their skin or through light clothing, the unit energetically collects and stores non-beneficial energy in its internal chamber. Once per day, the plastic plug is removed, the MZeyko “brain” is released and safely stored before the unit is placed in salt for at least 15 minutes or left overnight.

 Frequently asked questions with answers:

1. How many times per day should someone work with MZeyko and for how long?

When starting out with MZeyko, it is vital that you do not overdo it. This is a powerful device that needs to be used with one’s own discernment. If you are a dowser, always check to make sure you need to work with the device and for how long. For the first few uses, it is best to keep one’s session to 5 minutes, once per day. This will help to minimize any uncomfortable detox effect. In the beginning, you might want to only use the device every other day. Once MZeyko and the user become connected energetically (and they will), the user can increase their time with the device. However, the maximum time to use MZeyko in one session is 15 MINUTES. In days or weeks of use, the user can opt to use MZeyko for 15 minutes morning and evening. However, once per day or once every other day may be all that is needed to obtain the benefits. 

2. What are the typical effects I should expect after using MZeyko?

Testers report that there is usually a physical “release” with the first use. This can be anything from a sore muscle releasing to the release and acceptance of an emotional issue. MZeyko is programmed to work on the physical body as well as the emotional and spiritual bodies as well. Through Divine connection, MZeyko locates and releases all non-beneficial substances, emotional imbalances and spiritual distortions, brings them to the surface and releases them. If used with discretion and for short periods of time, the user may not feel anything major. However, if there are suppressed or buried physical issues, emotional or spiritual imbalances, these will filter to the surface for release. Users have reported increased fatigue, a transitory sore throat, minor headaches, increased mental reflection, a clearer perception of a problem, and more. If any of the effects become overwhelming, simply put the MZeyko aside for a few days and try it again for a short 5 minute session.

3. Is it usual to feel tired during the first few uses?

Yes, this is completely normal. Just with any detoxing experience, fatigue is part of it. Users report that they sleep very deeply after using MZeyko and that sleep is one of the best ways to release what no longer serves their highest and greatest good. 

4. Can MZeyko be used by more than one person or animal before placing it in salt?

Absolutely! Again, if you are a dowser, always check to see if the MZeyko needs to be cleared in the salt. But reports show that it can be successfully used throughout the day with multiple users and still remain effective.

5. How far does the MZeyko penetrate within the person or animal?

It appears that MZeyko has an approximate energetic width of three feet and is able to penetrate at least four feet deep. 

6. Is it best to hold MZeyko on the body or move it around?

MZeyko prefers to be moved across the body, either back and forth or in circles. The movement does not have to be large….even just a 1/2 inch back and forth motion is effective.

7. Are there ways to facilitate the physical/emotional/spiritual release that MZeyko creates?

Yes, there are. Any movement one does during the day will help move the energy within you that MZeyko creates. Thus, walking, light running, jumping on a Rebounder, swimming, dancing, yoga, Qigong, increased hydration (really important!), massage/bodywork, sauna exposure and anything that helps facilitate flow will be effective.

8. Why do I have to place the MZeyko in salt?

MZeyko was programmed to release non-beneficial substances into salt. The salt also acts as a kind of “demagnetizing” agent for the shell of the unit. It only requires 2 TBS of salt to do the job. ALWAYS REMOVE THE INTERNAL ROD/“BRAIN” inside the chamber prior to placing the MZeyko in salt. After 15 minutes in the salt (or allowing it to sit overnight), the salt MUST BE DISCARDED IN THE TRASH. 

9. When not in use, should I store the MZeyko in a dark cupboard?

No. If possible, place the entire device with the internal rod/“brain” inside on a sunny window. Exposing MZeyko to moonlight is also highly recommended. 

10. Does each use with MZeyko build upon the next one and so on?

Yes, users have reported this effect. The more one connects with MZeyko, the more you will adapt to the unit and the experience itself. Through this, users report that a kind of “partnership” is created and that the device “learns to know the user” better each time and expands one’s experience with each application. 

11. Can I remove the rod/“brain” and place a witness, intention statement or small crystal inside the MZeyko chamber?

No. The MZeyko device is ineffective until the rod/“brain” is inserted in its chamber. The unit was not designed or programmed to hold anything other than the rod/“brain”.

12. How do I protect the rod/“brain” when it is removed from the MZeyko chamber?

A static shield pouch is provided to you with each MZeyko. This is a dedicated pouch to place the rod/“brain” into when the MZeyko is put into the salt for cleansing. The rod/“brain” should always be carefully handled and protected when it is not inside the MZeyko chamber.